Thursday, October 20, 2011

Potato Pancakes

Have you ever had potato pancakes or Latkes? They are really so easy and a little different than just fried hash browns. If you don't mind a little fat in your diet, these are really fun to try. I really love them. They can be served with applesauce or sour cream or whatever you like. You can eat them just the way they are.

Mix the egg, shredded onion and seasonings together in a large bowl. Add in the shredded potatoes but be sure you squeeze the liquid out of them. Add the flour and mix all together. They are that easy and ready to cook.

Drop the potatoe mixture into a pan with a littl hot canola or olive oil and fry until crispy and browned. MMMMMMM

These little crispy yummies are very easy to make and they are just different enough to shake things up a bit. Hope you will give them a try!

Potato Pancakes
• 4 large potatoes
• 1 yellow onion
• 1 egg, beaten
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
• ground black pepper to taste
• oil for frying
1. Finely grate potatoes with onion into a large bowl. Drain off any excess liquid.
2. Mix in egg, salt, and black pepper. Add enough flour to make mixture thick, about 2 to 4 tablespoons all together.
3. Turn oven to low, about 200 degrees F (95 degrees C).
4. Heat 1/4 inch oil in the bottom of a heavy skillet over medium high heat. Drop two or three 1/4 cup mounds into hot oil, and flatten to make 1/2 inch thick pancakes. Fry, turning once, until golden brown. Transfer to paper towel lined plates to drain, and keep warm in low oven until serving time. Repeat until all potato mixture is used.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Savory Crumble Topping for Chicken Pot Pie

This is comfort food to the max. I love it when the weather turns chilly and I want to start baking again. I saw this recipe on America's Test Kitchen and thought that I just needed to try it. I'm glad that I did. It really is very good. I hope you will try it. It could be used on your favorite potpie recipe. I included our favorite chicken potpie recipe incase you don't have one and I am including the crust recipe that I usually use on my potpie in case you want to try that too.

The recipe calls for a 2-1/1 quart casserole dish but I wanted to try individual servings. That was fun and would make for a fun party but for most family meals, I would just put it in the casserole. I double the recipe when I use a 9x13.

I love this potpie and I did like the savory crumble topping. I love my crust that I use on this potpie and have a feeling that's what I will use the most. I am really glad I tried this recipe, though, and who knows, I will probably make it again.

Savory Crumble Topping for Pot Pie
From America's Test Kitchen

2 cups flour
2 tsp. baking powder
3/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. black pepper
1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper
6 Tbls. unsalted butter cut into 1/2" cubes, chilled
1/2 cup grated parmesean cheese
3/4 cup +2 Tbls. cream

Preheat oven to 450*

Combine the flour, baking powder, salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper in a large bowl. Sprinkle the butter pieces in and incorporate with your fingers until it resembles coarse cornmeal. Stir in the parmesan, then add the cream and stir until just combined. Place on a lined, rimmed baking sheet and bake 10-13 minutes until becoming fragrant and browning. Cool.

Crumble into pieces and sprinkle over the pot pie. Bake until the filling is bubble and the crumble is browned.

Cheddar Chicken Potpie

1-1/2 cups chicken broth
2 cups cubed peeled potatoes
1 cup sliced carrots
1/2 cup sliced celery
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/4 cup flour
1-1/2 cup milk
2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
4 cups cooked diced chicken
1/4 tsp. poultry seasoning
salt and pepper to taste

In a large pan, bring the broth to a boil. Add the vegetables and cook until fork tender. Blend the flour with the milk and add into the broth. Stir to thicken. Add the chicken, cheese and poultry seasoning. (Can add frozen peas if you want). Pour into a 2-1/2 qt. casserole. Top with crust or savory crumble topping. Bake until bubbly and crumble is brown. If using a crust bake for 15-20 minutes or until crust is browned.

Potpie Crust

1 cup flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1/3 cup shortening
1 egg

Mix the flour and salt together. Cut in the shortening. Add the egg and mix together. Roll out on a floured board and place on the potpie. It usually comes up in pieces so I kind of just fit it together but it is so so good.