Thursday, July 15, 2010

Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity in New York

My niece sent me this recipe from the Serendipity cookbook that her parents brought her from New York. We wanted to try it immediately. Needless to say this recipe is pretty easy and absolutely delish! I think we have found our new summer treat. Hope you have fun with it!

A little bit of Heaven.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

6 half ounce pieces of a variety of your favorite chocolates
2 teaspoons storebought hot chocolate mix
1 1/2 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 cups milk
3 cups ice
whipped cream
chocolate shavings

*Chop the chocolate into small pieces and place it in the top of a double broiler over simmering water, stirring occasionally until melted. Add the hot chocolate mix and sugar, stirring constantly until thoroughly blended. Remove from heat and slowly add 1/2 cup of the milk and stir until smooth. Cool to room temperature.

*In a blender place the remaining cup of milk, the room temperature chocolate mixture, and the ice. Blend on high speed until smooth and the consistency of a frozen daiquiri. Pour into a giant goblet and top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Enjoy with a spoon or a straw--or both!


  1. Love, love, love this. It was so yummy. It was a hit with the neighbors as well. This is for sure going to be made more often.

  2. We are neighbors of Melanie and Tally. Melanie was nice enough to make us the Samoa cookies and the chocolate drink. YUM, YUM, YUM! We loved them both but if we had to vote for our most favorite it would have to be the drink. I will have to add this one to my favorite recipie collection. Thanks!

  3. thanks for getting us hooked on this. We love love love it!