Friday, June 18, 2010

Icebox Key Lime Pie

Our Icebox Key Lime turned out like we thought it would. We weren't too worried because Cook's Country and America's Test Kitchen try and test their recipes 100 times. It was a pretty easy recipe to follow and the end product was yummy.

The recipe called for 6-8 limes or 40 key limes. We used more than 8 to get our 1 cup of juice. We don't know that we would want to squeeze that many again so we were wondering about using the lemonade pie recipe and substitute limeade instead. It might work. We were a little worried about the pie being bitter because of the lime zest (when we tasted the filling it tasted a little bitter) but as it sat overnight in the crust and with some whipped cream, it tasted much better.

We don't use my food processer very much but this recipe was a breeze at the touch of the finger!

In the end our Icebox Key Lime Pie was a hit. We liked the lime flavor and the texture. We most likely will make it again sometime but for now, on to our next recipe!

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  1. Mine turned out yummy as well. I don't have a food processor, so I used my magic bullet to mix up the sugar, lime zest and the cream cheese. Once I had blended the cream cheese in I moved those ingredents to my Kitchen add and mixed the rest in that. I only had 6 limes, so in the end I only got about 3/4 cup of juice. But it tasted great.

    I am excited for the next recipes. This is a great idea and I enjoy trying these recipes. :)