Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy 4th of July

We saw this really fun cake on Studio 5, a local fun talk show. We knew the minute we saw it that we wanted to make it. Ours didn't turn out as good as the one on the show. We didn't take the time to freeze the cake and that would make a really big difference so we would suggest you do that. We also didn't prepare to have really cute decorations and sprinkles. It turned out fun anyway. Next time we would make our layers thicker. We were probably supposed to do that but we used divided on cake in half and used the second half of the batter from the other cake mix to make cupcakes. The batter should have been split between the three pans. We used canned icing and I would definately make my homemade frosting next time. Hopefully you can make yours look adorable to help celebrate the 4th of July with a bang!

Baking Directions:
To make this cake you will need three full layers of white cake, all the same height (make two recipes of cake or two cake mixes - you will end up with four layers so use one for another purpose). One layer will need to be white, one layer will need to be red and one layer will need to be blue. Use food coloring to get desired shade. Bake the layers in 9" round greased and floured rounds. Let cool. Freeze the layers to make them easier to work with during assembly.
Split the white layer and the red layer in half horizontally using a long serrated knife. (You can also use a cake leveler to help keep the cut even.) Do not split the blue layer. Start assembly by placing one split white layer on a cake plate. Frost the top of this layer using white icing. Place one of the red split layers on top of the frosted white layer and frost it with icing. Set aside.
Place the remaining red split layer and the remaining white split layer on top of the full blue layer. Place a round bowl (or paper pattern) approximately 5" diameter on the top of the cakes in the center and cut through all the layers using the bowl as a guide. You should now have a circle cut through the layers. Keep the center red circle, the center white circle and the outer (approximately 2" wide) blue cake ring. Set aside all other cake pieces for a different use.
Place the outer blue cake ring piece on the iced white and red cake layers. Carefully spread icing around the inside of the blue ring. Insert the round white cake piece in the center of the blue ring and ice. Insert the red round cake piece making sure it is flush with the blue cake ring. You should now have a complete cake ready to ice. Finish by icing the entire cake with white icing and decorating as desired.
To serve, cut into slices and be amazed at the cool flag each piece becomes!
• I used paste food coloring to get the deep shades needed - however you can use liquid or a combination of both. It will take quite a bit of color. If you do not have the right tone of blue, mix a little black food coloring with a lighter blue color to achieve the right shade of blue.
• You can use 8" round pans to bake in - but I liked the proportion of the final flag pieces with the 9" pans. You will need to adjust cutting measurements accordingly if using different sized pans.
• I cannot emphasize enough how much easier it is to assemble this cake if the layers are frozen when working with them. They thaw quickly so can be assembled right before serving if desired.
• Use regular, whipped cream or cream cheese icing.
• Decorate the cake with patriotic sprinkles, tiny flags, red, white and blue candy, berries, etc.

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  1. this was so good! i loved it! i would like to decorate with fun sprinkles and stuff as well! i would also like your homemade frosting on it :) we loved this!